Combi / Combi+

"Combi" floormat series combine service mat usability and logomat brightness

We manufacture 85х150 sm and 115х180 sm combi floormats.

Standard colors: gray, brown, blue.

Logotype part width - 20 sm (16 base colors for logotype print)

Combi+ floormats are designed especially for matservice businesses

With Combi+ design, base floormat area and logomat area are separated by special rubber margin; at any time, logomat part may be cut off without damaging monotone mat.

Retail price: 65€ / sq.m.

Special discounts for matservice companies and dealers.

Tatiana Shmankevich / Sales Department

TEXPRO products are quality-certified

All TEXPRO floormats meet sanitary requirements, general safety requirements and fire safety requirements.

Certificates (RU)

Floormats Usage Instructions

Simple ways to avoid eleven common operational problems with rubber backing TEXPRO floormats

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