HAZARD MAT - dirt-protection floormats of standard sizes and standard color scheme with bright yellow margin markings.

May be used for warning your visitors - on construction fields, repair fields and factories.

Standard colors: blue, gray, brown, red.

60x120 sm. – 1100 RUR.

Tatiana Shmankevich / Sales Department

Basic specifications

Floormat mount100% rubber
Rubber thickness1,5 mm
Margin height2.5 mm
Margin width20 mm
Textile base threads100% polyamide (nylon 6,0 and nylon 6,6)
Tufting length6-7 mm
Tufring density750 g/sq.m.
Overall floormat height8 mm
Overall floormat density2850 g/sq.m.

TEXPRO products are quality-certified

All TEXPRO floormats meet sanitary requirements, general safety requirements and fire safety requirements.

Certificates (RU)

Floormats Usage Instructions

Simple ways to avoid eleven common operational problems with rubber backing TEXPRO floormats

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