Logomats / logotype floormats

Logomats are bright floormats with custom logotypes, prints and slogans.

We make any print of your design!

  • Size from 60х85 to 190х600 sm
  • Do not deform and do not lose print brightness
  • Any order size
  • Manufacturing in 14 days; quicker printing possible after custom design review

Samples Gallery

Standard palette has 16 colors, which suits best for 99% of orders (please pay attention to our gallery).

Custom palette is possible for special cases!

Tufted covering

  • dirt- and water-protection
  • absorbs up to 5L of water per 1 square meter of floormat
  • catches dirt, dust, sand and little stones, which protects floor

Lasts perfectly for over 5 years with timely cleaning

Rubber mount

  • acts as tufting base
  • makes entire floormat non-slippery

Color print

  • any image of your preference
  • does not wear and do not lose brightness
  • do not lose coloring after washes
Tatiana Shmankevich / Sales Department

Simple ordering rules

For quickest ordering, please follow those simple rules:

Ordering rules (PDF, RU)

TEXPRO products are quality-certified

All TEXPRO floormats meet sanitary requirements, general safety requirements and fire safety requirements.

Certificates (RU)

Floormats Usage Instructions

Simple ways to avoid eleven common operational problems with rubber backing TEXPRO floormats

Download (PDF, in Russian)

Basic specifications

Floormat mount100% rubber
Rubber thickness1,5 мм
Margin height2 мм
Margin width20 мм
Textile base threads100% polyamide (nylon 6,0 and nylon 6,6)
Tufting length6 mm
Tufring density670 g/sq.m.
Overall floormat height8 mm
Overall floormat density2700 g/sq.m.

Floormat samples

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