"Seasons" Series

"Seasons" Series




We're proud to present our new dirt-protection floormats collection for home, office, store and any other interiors.

Great coloring makes it highly practical and makes it look great into any interior design; rubber base protects from slipping on any floor material.

For best caring we recommend machine wash.

Custom dimensions and shapes are possible!


Dimensions, smArea, sq.m.< 10 floormats10..50 floormats50+ floormats
50х700,35718 RUR613 RUR595 RUR
65х850,55251133 RUR967 RUR939 RUR
85х1201,022091 RUR1785 RUR1734 RUR
85х1501,2752614 RUR2231 RUR2168 RUR
115х1501,7253536 RUR3019 RUR2933 RUR
150х2003,06150 RUR5250 RUR5100 RUR
Price / 1 sq.m.2050 RUR1750 RUR1700 RUR
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Tatiana Shmankevich / Sales Department

Basic specifications

Floormat mount100% rubber
Rubber thickness1,5 mm
Margin height3 mm
Margin width20 mm
Textile base threads100% polyamide (nylon 6,0 and nylon 6,6)
Tufting length6-7 mm
Tufring density800 g/sq.m.
Overall floormat height8 mm
Overall floormat density2900 g/sq.m.

Please write us to acquire Seasons floormat samples

Manufacturing located in Podolsk city, Moscow district.

TEXPRO products are quality-certified

All TEXPRO floormats meet sanitary requirements, general safety requirements and fire safety requirements.

Certificates (RU)

Floormats Usage Instructions

Simple ways to avoid eleven common operational problems with rubber backing TEXPRO floormats

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